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Since loneliness among the growing elderly population is factual, Oldalone UK was created as an initiative to help tackle loneliness among older people through diverse activities. Loneliness tarnishes the lives of elderly people with depression which is known to lower the autoimmune defences in the human body, potentially exposing their sufferers to depression-related ailments.

We are fully aware that without the help of our dear community, we could not achieve as much as we are looking forward to. That is the reason why we are calling on everyone to join our dedicated "caregivers team" of volunteers and help us bring about positive changes on our older people's lives. Remember: Their present may be our future. We are inviting you to embrace our ideals and pave the way for a fulfilling and happy later life for everyone.

Currently, we are contacting local neighbourhoods, care homes, hospitals and hospices where a significant number of elderly people affected by loneliness reside. Our aim is to befriend and accompany them, to build a friendship based on solid and ethical values where the priority is our older people's well-being.

There are many simple ways we can all help to make sure everyone enjoys a meaningful later life. Currently, Oldalone UK focuses on the following:

  • Friendship and companionship
  • Recreational opportunities and leisure activities
  • Providing and improving senior citizen’s ICT skills

If you are interested in volunteering with us please download a volunteer form and return it to us. Alternatively, you can fill it online and send us the completed application form via e-mail.